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Four Miles, Four Hidden Gems – Local Somerset Attractions You’ll Love...

Updated: Apr 10

'“Nothing adventured, nothing attained”- Peter Mcwilliams

Ahh, Somerset. What a  wonderfully quirky, fabulously eclectic and astonishingly laid back county you are. That said, there are plenty, and I mean plenty, of things to do here, from cider and wine tasting to paddleboarding and canoeing. If you’re looking for places to visit in Somerset, or things to do in Somerset, but really don’t want to travel very far at all (you’re here to relax, after all!), then here are four hidden gems all within four miles of the farm. So put the kettle on (or uncork a bottle) grab a pen and paper and start planning your Somerset adventure.


Let’s begin at the beginning – places to check out that are literally walking distance from the hut…

The Pitney Farm Shop, Café & The Pub!

If you fancy a delicious brunch, lunch or just a coffee and a cake, then hello, we have a fantastic farm café just up the road. Following on from the ‘right on your doorstep’ theme, all of the veg at the Pitney Farm Café is grown right outside the café windows and the meat and eggs are sourced from the award winning organic Pitney Farm shop next door. The café has a laid back vibe with gorgeous local pottery and a rather lovely outdoor compost loo. And no, I never thought I would describe any compost loo as ‘rather lovely’ either.

So, take a stroll up through the village and park off for a while before having a mooch round the farm shop. You may even pass some of their super cute piglets, sheep and lambs in the fields on the way.

Piglets sitting on top of each other in a metal feed trough.
Five of our super cute piglets from a couple of years ago. And yes, they did have more than one feeder!

If coffee and cake ain’t your thing, then a wander in the opposite direction will land you at the Halfway House, recently crowned South West CAMRA Pub of the Year. The Halfway is very much a traditional pub, so think spit and sawdust, locals and live music. There are no jukeboxes, pool tables or dart boards here. They do great food and are famed for their local real ales. And when I say local… the award winning craft brewery Fine Tuned is based just 3 miles away in Somerton, and Harry’s Cider is even closer - in the next door village of Long Sutton.


If you’re feeling like you need to earn the cider, cake and coffee calories, then head over to Langport for some outdoor thrills and spills…

Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Canoeing

Langport is situated on the River Parrett, which originates in Dorset before flowing west through the Somerset Levels for 37 miles to the Bristol Channel. The section through Langport is quite beautiful with an abundance of wild flowers and wildlife – if you’re lucky you may even spot an otter. I once spotted an enormous fish head, which was even bigger than my welly boot. Not quite as exotic as an otter but quite startling nonetheless. There are also a lot of swans. I once counted over forty.

A fish head next to a Wellington boot
Look! I wasn't exaggerating, it's massive!

 But I digress, as is my wont. If you want to experience the perils of the Parrett up close and personal, then why not try paddle boarding? You can hire a board from Wet and High Adventures. Or why not bring your own?

If paddle boarding doesn’t float your boat, then how about kayaking or canoeing? There’s information on routes at Go Paddling but be warned, it can flood at high tide (and in winter – I’ve never seen it not flooded in eight years) so make sure to check the tide timetables and the river levels in advance.

A woman doing a head stand on a paddle board in the ocean with a beach in the background.
This could be YOU! Although I'm not convinced that's the River Parrett

Cycling and Tandem Bikes

If you want to ride your bicycle and want to ride it where you like, then there are lots of routes in the local area, some starting and stopping from cafes in Langport itself. Even without a bike, The Bridge Bakery and Canteen and Kitchen at the Wharf are well worth a visit, but more on those in a later post. The beauty of starting your ride in Langport is that there is a bike hire place right next door to The Bridge café! Parrett Trail Bikes hires bikes on an hourly, or daily, basis and has a fab reputation for their friendly, kind and helpful service.

If you want to check out cycle routes in the local area, have a look at Komoot - they offer ready built routes, with lots of important info, or you can build your own.

If you’re looking to relax, recharge and perhaps reconnect, then what better way to do it than trying one bicycle between the two of you? Yes that’s right, I’m talking tandem here. If you’ve never tried it, Somerset Tandem Hire is located right in the village, so there’s no excuse not to give this exciting and presumably slightly challenging activity a go! (Disclaimer – I cannot be held responsible for any ensuing fall outs, break ups or divorces…)

So pack your bibs and your chammy and why not bring your bike along for a stay, or hire one when you’re here?

Two people on bicycles riding towards some mountains.
Again, this photo was possibly not taken in Langport. Or anywhere close by.

Cider Tasting

Ok, you’re in Somerset. What Somerset attraction could be more quintessential than supping on a cider or two? There are quite a few places local to us that offer tastings and the opportunity to purchase some proper local brew, so I shall cover more of them in a later post.

As this post is on things to do in Somerset within four miles of the farm, however, I had to include Harry’s Cider. Harry’s truly are award winning craft cider makers. Their Dabinett won Reserve British Champion in 2022 and not only is it utterly scrumptious (seriously, it’s proper delicious) but you can visit the farm and pick some up to take home. They do a whole range of still and sparkling ciders in bottles and boxes – perfect for a night under the stars whilst staying in the hut.


They also run Cider Saturdays – cider, food and live music. Now that sounds like a true Somerset adventure right there!

A pale tussock moth caterpillar on a green apple.
I was planning to make cider on the farm from our apples. Luckily I spotted this bad boy before he ended up in the press. He/she is a pale tussock moth caterpillar.

So, when you book a stay in Flittermouse hut, and are wondering what places to visit in Somerset, or what are the best things to do in Somerset, then why not start right on the doorstep with our very own authentic local gems? There are lots more suggestions of things to see, do and visit on our Eat, Shop, Visit, Do...Explore page too.


Footnote: Is it paddle boarding or paddleboarding? I’ve researched it and still can’t find a definitive answer. Tomato tomato? If you know the answer, or have a strong opinion, please let me know!

Extra Footnote: If it's wet and windy weather, check out our top indoor somerset activities HERE.

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