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5 Things to Think About When Picking your Perfect Glamping Getaway

Updated: Apr 10

'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.' Helen Keller

So you’re on board with the whole idea of glamping, now you just need to pick your perfect spot. The one which dreams are made of and where memories will last a lifetime. Hmm, that’s quite an ask. And with all of the myriad glamping sites to choose from, where do you even start? Top up your coffee, settle in and let’s take a look at 5 things you should consider when planning your ultimate escape.

A coffee mug and a lake

Location, location, location!

This one should be easy. Do you picture waking up in the morning to:

  • · The sound of waves gently breaking on a beach?

  • · Leaves rustling in the canopy of a forest?

  • · Sheep gently baahing to each other as they munch their breakfast?

  • · Sunlight bouncing off distant snowy peaks?

When it comes to glamping, the possibilities are endless. So think about what floats your boat, (or bandwagon, let’s not forget the bandwagon) and begin your search there.

A breakfast table in a field with sheep
Munch on breakfast at Marsh farm, whilst the sheep munch on theirs...


What level of rural escape are you looking for? Top dollar luxury with all the mod cons? Rustic charm with a healthy dose of self-sufficiency thrown in? Or something in between? Glamping offers the full range, from solar-powered outdoor showers to fully insulated stargazing domes.

Is a private bathroom or flushing loo a deal-breaker? Make sure you don’t sign up to an outdoor compost loo and shared shower block!

Does the idea of going native and cooking over coals fill you with dread? Make sure to check out the cooking facilities and the distance to the local pub.

Have you always dreamt of snuggling up, book in one hand, wine in the other, in front of a log burner, or is underfloor heating speaking your language? It may help to write a list of must haves (or have nots), and use these to help nail down your final destination.

Note to reader: This is a compost bin. Do not poop here,. This, is a compost loo...


When you arrive at your dream location, are you planning to stay put, soak up the local ambience, kick back and relax? Or are you an adventure seeker, always on the move, ready to fully immerse yourself in the local area?

  • If you’re a water baby, look for a location that has paddle-boarding, kayaking or fishing nearby.

  • If spotting wildlife is your goal, then look for glamping sites close to a national park or situated in a location rich in flora and fauna.

  • Many glamping sites are located in areas with virtually no light pollution, making for incredible stargazing.

  • Hiking, mountain biking or riding your bag? Plenty of places offer excursions or bike hire on site, or nearby.

  • Alpaca trekking – that’s totally a thing too. Yes really people, it’s an actual thing. Check it out here.

  • If you want to engage with nature but can’t be bothered to move too far from camp, you may be able to hire your own hens, or watch the resident lambs being born.

Really, how much, or how little you choose to do is completely up to you.

A group of alpacas
Seriously people - why wouldn't you want to take an alpaca for a stroll?!? Look at that face ....


You may wish to escape to a remote location where the main attraction is the lack of other people. Alternatively many glamping sites are located near charming small towns, or world heritage sites.

There may be award winning restaurants, vineyards or farm shops on the doorstep. Make sure to check out if there are any cultural events or festivals around the time of your getaway that you might be interested in.

Here in Pitney we’re spoilt for choice with an award winning pub and organic farm shop and café right on our doorstep, not to mention the world famous Glastonbury Festival just down the road. Cider tasting at Harry's in the next door village, the Haynes International Motor Museum and Hauser and Wirth are all part of the charm of this quirky corner of Somerset.

Reviews and Recommendations:

As with anywhere that you’re thinking of booking, reviews from previous guests can give you invaluable insights and a peek behind the scenes. What have they said about the cleanliness, facilities and location? Have they commented on how the host was, or if they had any issues that were left unresolved? Would they stay again and most importantly, do they recommend it and would they return?

Of course all reviews are a personal reflection of that individual’s experience at that moment in time, but they should give you a good overall feeling as to whether a site will fit your needs.

A guest review

So that’s a few starters for ten to kick off your glamping adventure. Now it’s up to you to find and book your dream destination today.

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