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A hen sitting on a nest of hay.

Hire a Trio of Hens!


Why not look after three of our girls for the duration of your stay? They're great characters and should also provide you with fresh eggs for breakfast!


All of our hens free range over our entire land - we do not clip their wings or constrain them in any way. The hens that you will be looking after will stay in their own holiday home next to the hut, for the time that you are here, enjoying being waited on beak and foot!


Rest assured once their holiday (and yours) is over, they will return to their normal daily grind, foraging through the fields. 

Rainbow coloured eggs in a nest.

We get a range of egg colours here on the farm from blues, greens, pinks and browns to white, so you may be surprised at what you collect. We've even had a triple-yolker, the chances of which are 25 million:1 according to the British Egg Information Service!


 As they are hens, however, we cannot guarantee that they will lay, as when they produce an egg is entirely up to them. But even if they don't, you will still get the pleasure of looking after them and the opportunity to learn a bit about chicken husbandry. 

Looking after your hens is easy and not at all time-consuming - we will provide suitable food, treats, bedding and chicken coop for them, all you need to do is make sure that they always have clean water and food, and that they're shut up in their coop at night. 

If you're staying for more than a couple of days they may need a little bit of poo-picking to keep their beds clean but we will provide suitable tools and gloves. 

The only other thing that you need to do is collect and enjoy any eggs that they lay, and sit back and watch them getting on with their day - they can be quite the time wasters!  

A triple yolker egg in a frying pan.

Stop Press!!! Triple yolker! One in 25 million odds! Here at Marsh Farm! 

£25 per stay - available to book at check-out.

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