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Welcome and Introduction

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

This is an account of how we fell into a life of smallholding, in deepest, darkest Somerset, with absolutely no prior training or knowledge of what we were doing, or of how we were going to do it. Having taken a blind leap of faith and given up life as we knew it (mainly indoors, mainly muck-free) we found ourselves with ten acres and a tiny farm cottage, right at the end of a one track lane. Six years and many (many) trials and tribulations later, we have just launched our first shepherd hut with the hope of sharing our small, secluded but serene patch of Somerset with those who wish to explore this charming, quirky and beautiful part of England.

This blog follows our journey from city-slickers to pseudo-farmers and includes all of our successes, mishaps, misdemeanours, failures and triumphs, from our very first year onwards. As complete novices, some of our exploits with our many and varied livestock have been rewarding, some infuriating, some downright excruciating and some just plain embarrassing.

Some of you may have read parts of our journey before on our previous Marsh Farm Pitney website - I have decided to restart the story from the beginning and expand it in parts, and then bring it up to date, as I stopped writing about three years ago so there are plenty of misadventures to fill you all in on!

So, Welcome to Marsh Farm and we hope to see you soon!

Camilla & Leon x

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